An indoor azalea will flower abundantly until May. After that, you can put it outside. But be careful: indoor azaleas do not tolerate frost. Before winter arrives, from around October, it’s best to move your plant back inside. But there are always exceptions to the rule. At Hortinno you’ll find a garden azalea that can be planted outside from May onwards. The Azajoy is one of a kind. It first flowers abundantly indoors, after which you can plant it outside in a pot or in the open soil. This spring-flowering variety can withstand temperatures of as low as -12°C.

A few plant care tips:

  • Loosen the root ball a little and add peat or other well-rotted organic material to the planting hole.
  • Allow the Azajoy to first bloom indoors. Only plant it outside once it has completely finished flowering; this will usually be in May.
  • Where necessary, protect the plant from strong, cold, north-easterly wind.
Hortinno Azajoy White