The majority of indoor azaleas cannot overwinter in the garden, as they are not hardy. With one exception: the Hortinno Azajoy. After blooming intensely indoors, this azalea can enjoy a second life in your garden from May onwards. After flowering, all other indoor azaleas can easily be planted in the garden or placed on your terrace until winter.

How to plant an indoor azalea outdoors

Step 1: Choose a suitable spot in your garden or on your terrace.

Step 2: Loosen the root ball a little and add peat or other well-rotted organic material.

Step 3: Plant the azalea deep in the soil: the hole in the ground should be twice the width and depth of the soil in the pot. If you are planting your azalea in a pot, make sure that surplus water can drain away.

Step 4: Protect the plant where necessary from strong, cold, north-easterly wind.

Step 5: As soon as winter approaches, invite your azalea back indoors. Only the Hortinno Azajoy can safely be left outside, as it tolerates temperatures of up to -12°C.