Autumn is the ideal time to transplant a garden azalea. Evergreen plants, such as a Hortinno Evergreen, are best transplanted between October and March. Never transplant them during a frost or when temperatures are forecast to be below freezing. The height of summer is not a good time either, because then the plant will need a lot of water to retain all its leaves.

How to transplant an azalea

Step 1: Leave as much soil around the plant as possible. Azaleas have a shallow root system with roots that spread out.

Step 2: Prepare the planting hole with a generous amount of well-rotted compost and leaf compost or garden peat.

Step 3: If the soil feels dry, briefly immerse it in water.

Step 4: Align the top of the pot soil with the surface of the soil, then fill in the planting hole with soil and compost. Firmly press down the soil.