FlowerTrials® 2022: what is it, when, where & tickets

FlowerTrials® 2022 is just around the corner. The Dutch pot and bedding plant event of the year. This year, 61 top breeders from all over the world will inspire colleagues and plant lovers with the latest trends. One of them is Hortinno. You can find out exactly what we have in store for you in this blog.

What are the FlowerTrials®?

The FlowerTrials® is a four-day pot and bedding plant event that will take place from 14 to 17 June this year. No less than 61 breeders will present their latest novelties, creative concepts and inspiring assortments. 

Aalsmeer in the Netherlands is the beating heart of the event, but locations in the wider surroundings will also open their doors to professionals and plant lovers

Where Plants meet People, is the motto. And that is no exaggeration. Participants from all over the world come to the Netherlands to share valuable professional knowledge and discover innovations. From the very latest developments in the field of bedding plants, container plants and pot plants for indoors and outdoors to inspiring cultivation information, retail concepts and trends.

Of course Hortinno will be present. We have been a member since 2020 and this year is the first time we will be physically present. The previous two years, a well-known virus threw a spanner in the works. We are proud that our expertise and passion in breeding will be given a nice stage at this event.

What does a breeder do?

A breeder breeds new varieties of plants. He or she does this by crossing existing varieties with each other, which results in new variants. These new varieties are distinguished from their predecessors by distinctive characteristics such as colour, scent, number of flowers, longevity and so on. An azalea by Hortinno, for example, has a flowering period of 50 days. Another showpiece is the Cascadula. Recently, this hangazalea in a striking fuchsia shade was chosen as the best novelty in flowering pot plants at the Floralies 2022.

Hortinno at the FlowerTrials®

Hortinno is one of the 61 exhibitors and that is logic itself. With more than 25 years of experience as a breeder of azaleas, japonica, rhododendron and recently calamus, we have earned our spurs. Not only in Europe, but also in Canada, USA, Brazil, Japan and Australia, we are gaining a firm foothold for the home azalea. 

The FlowerTrials® seem to us the perfect setting to further expand our international collaborations. Because we are not sitting still. A number of wonderful innovations are in the pipeline for the next five years. More about this later. First, let's shine our light on our creations during the FlowerTrails.

  • Hortinno HOME. All spotlights on the Azajoy and Lime collection. Two long-flowering house azaleas that also do well in the shade. What's more: Azajoy withstands temperatures down to -12° Celsius without hesitation and therefore survives the winter in a pot or in the ground.
  • Hortinno GARDEN.  We bring this assortment to life on three large visuals. In addition, magnificent flowering rhododendrons, evergreens and kalmia steal the show. Naturally, our flowering pot plants for the patio will also be on display. 

Where can you find Hortinno? In Aalsmeer at Takii.

Where and when are the FlowerTrials®?

The FlowerTrails will take place this year from 14 to 17 June, mainly in and around Aalsmeer, some 30 km below Amsterdam. The 61 exhibitors are spread over 29 individual locations in three main geographical regions: Aalsmeer and surroundings plus the Westland in the Netherlands, and Rhineland-Westphalia in Germany. 

Looking for a particular exhibitor? Here you will find all locations in an overview

Or use this clear route planner

Flower Trials 2022

How can I register for the FlowerTrials®? 

Registration is free and can be done online. Fill in this form and select the exhibitors you want to visit. The list has been compiled in such a way that closely situated companies are listed together.

What makes Hortinno azalea exceptional? 

  • Extra long flowering period: > 10 weeks to 12 weeks
  • Very pure: no sepales
  • Super air purifier