Hortinno® introduces Christine Cherry Blossom at IPM 2023

Extra long flowering, lots of flowers, pure plants, glossy dark green leaves, air-purifying and above all beautiful in all its colours. A lot of characteristics for one plant, right?  Christine® cherry blossom is the result of years of experience, passion, searching, crossing, selecting .... In short, the craft of our breeders. A craft that Hortinno highly values.Hortinno® Christine® Cherry Blossom

The new Christine® cherry blossom is an important expansion, but also the next generation of the famous Hortinno® Christine® collection. Today, the Christine collection has four attractive colours: matt, white, magic and sienna. But a fresh (prunus) colour was still missing.

Christine® cherry blossom has a unique prunus-coloured flower that is rated as very attractive by many markets. The plant can be offered from November, but retains its value up to and including Mother's Day without any problems. Due to extensive crossing, this azalea is completely free of brown scales making the plant very clean (pure) in the house. Christine® cherry retains the dark green glossy leaf characteristic (100% natural), but the leaves are slightly smaller. This has the advantage that Christine cherry blossom evaporates less water and therefore needs slightly less water.

The Hortinno Christine azalea scores high when it comes to air purification. Hortinno had this trait tested in collaboration with Fytagoras in the Netherlands. The results were astonishing. The lab measured how quickly a Hortinno azalea can purify air pollutants such as formaldehyde from the air. The Christine® azalea collection is the absolute number 1 in air purification and achieved a spectacular score! Followed closely by the Hortinno Classic collection.

But with a Hortinno you actually get a champion in your house: besides clean air, you also enjoy them for a long time and they brighten up your interior. All that happiness in one plant. Moreover, they keep the air humidity in balance. All good things for your health and your interior.