New: azalea bouquet of flowers - Bloom’Z Bouquet

A pot bouquet of flowers that lasts ultra-long? As long as 50 days? Bloom'Z Bouquet proves that it can be done. This innovative azalea variety stands out for its beautiful straight-growing branches and ultra-long flowering time. Added bonus? The dark green leaves improve air quality. Time to get acquainted.

Flower Bloom'Z Bouquet keeps long: Natural Happiness

What is important to you about a bouquet of flowers? That they stay beautiful for a long time? That the flowers are colourful? And preferably also that they don't drop too many leaves? Well, Bloom'Z Bouquet makes all these wishes come true. 

For this bouquet, Hortinno selected one of the longest-flowering azalea varieties in the range. A variety that lends itself perfectly to growing in a pot. At the same time a challenge because an azalea naturally grows rather horizontally. But Bloom'Z Bouquet proves that it can be done!

Why choose a bouquet of flowers with azaleas?

Because this will bring a surprisingly beautiful bouquet into your home. After all, the Bloom'Z Bouquet includes a bouquet of azaleas in three different colours. In addition, thanks to the innovative growing process, the azaleas are long-lasting and all brown scales have disappeared too. The result? A pure and colourful bouquet that blooms for up to 50 days. Put Bloom'Z Bouquet in your home and enjoy!

And that's not all. Hortinno azaleas have been selected for their air-purifying properties. So they not only boost your interior, but also your health. 

Bloom'Z Bouquet blooms from February to March. Just in time for Valentine's Day, surely the bouquet's heyday.

Hortinno Bloom'Z BouquetSustainable from the breeding process to the shelf

Bloom'Z Bouquet is not only beautiful, but also has an energy-friendly ecological footprint. After all, it is a cold crop, and therefore needs little heating. This is how we keep CO2 emissions low. Furthermore, our growers are MPS-GAP certified. 

We also consciously choose to use less and as much recycled plastic as possible. The new Hortinno growing pot, for example, contains 30% less plastic and is 100% recycled and recyclable.

Because the Bloom'Z bouquet remains a rooted potted plant, it has a very good shelf life. Extra bonus for a florist? Get creative with it. Cut the flowers and create beautiful compositions with them. With some experience in the fingers, the plant that stays in the pot will make flowers again next year. Extra long flowering: Bloom'Z bouquet is durable in many ways.