Taking cuttings from azaleas is a specialist skill. Specific conditions are required: light, temperature and nutrients need to be in perfect balance. On top of that, each variety has specific needs. Keen to give it a try anyway? Be inspired by the step-by-step plan below. Good luck!

How to take a cutting from an azalea

Step 1

In a greenhouse heated to 25 degrees, two or four cuttings are placed in each pot. These are covered with an airtight plastic film for 6 to 8 weeks.

Step 2

Once the azalea cutting has grown roots, the film can be removed. The young plants are now placed in an unheated, frost-free greenhouse. The azalea is then cut into shape or topped. If you top the young azalea once, you will end up with a small plant. If you want a larger one, you should top it at least twice.

Step 3

The azaleas are now ready to grow. The ideal temperature varies depending upon the variety. But during this phase, no azalea can withstand frost.

Step 4

The young plants are now returned to a greenhouse, which is heated to 20 degrees and which features additional lighting. The plants are also watered. One to three weeks later, they are ready for sale.