Taking cuttings from a rhododendron requires considerable experience. First and foremost, you need plenty of time, patience and attention. Layering rhododendron is a little easier. 
Would you like to try taking cuttings anyway? Get inspired by the step-by-step plan below. Good luck!


How to take cuttings from a rhododendron

Step 1: In summer, take a number of herbaceous cuttings. Cut a one-year-old, non-woody side shoot off the old wood and remove its bottom leaves. 

Step 2: Fill a small pot with cutting compost and make a narrow hole in it. Dip the base of the cutting in rooting powder before pushing it deep into the hole. Firm up the soil around it, then water. 

Step 3: Stick a series of slightly longer sticks into the ground. Use transparent plastic bags to construct a cover over these sticks.

Stap 4: Now place the pot in a warm, shady spot. After about four weeks, the cuttings should grow roots and can be transplanted. But keep a close eye on them and water regularly!