Azaleas are easy to care for. Garden azaleas only require extra water during long dry spells. With indoor azaleas, you should check the soil every so often. If it’s too dry, give the plant a little water. Never overwater an azalea, as it is a plant that loves moderation. Below, you’ll find a few tips & tricks to keep your azalea perfectly moist.

How often should you water an azalea?

Why do you need to water indoor azaleas regularly? Because they evaporate between 35 and 50cl of water per week. That’s good news for your home’s indoor climate. But for your plant, this means regular watering is required. So keep an eye on the soil. The ideal watering frequency is up to twice a week.

If you’re using a waterwick watering system and a cover pot with a water reservoir, we recommend checking every four to five days whether the water needs topping up. Do this at least once a week in any case.

A garden azalea mainly needs to be watered after it has been transplanted into the garden. After that, it will manage fine on its own provided there is sufficient rain. During long dry spells, it’s best to provide additional water from time to time.

How much water should you give an azalea?

Make sure you don’t overwater. Azaleas are drinkers, not swimmers. So don’t put your indoor azalea in a saucer full of water. Are you a forgetful type? Then the waterwick watering system might be just the thing for you. Check our extra tips for details.

Does your azalea look extra thirsty? Give it a quick bath. Submerge the pot in a bucket of water for no longer than 30 minutes. This will give the soil enough time to properly absorb water. Afterwards, allow the roots to drain and return the azalea to its container. It will be good to go again.

What is the best way to water an azalea?

Always water directly onto the top of the soil. Use a watering can and never water directly onto the flowers. Are you using a cover pot with a waterwick watering system? Then take the flowerpot out of its cover pot and pour water into the cover pot to up to two centimetres above the level at which the underside of the flowerpot sits. /PHOTO/

Extra tips

  • Hortinno azalea with waterwick

The perfect solution for forgetful plant lovers: the waterwick system. Your plant will take up water when it needs to, and only minimal effort is required from you. How does it work? Simple. At the bottom of the Hortinno azalea seed pot there is a wick that reaches to halfway up the roots. Its thickness and composition ensure that the azalea takes up exactly the right amount of water. On one condition: you have to place the plant in a flowerpot with a water reservoir beneath the seed pot. A reservoir of 35cl will ensure the plant has enough water for 4 to 5 days. Handy, right? All you need to do is top up the reservoir with fresh water once a week. The waterwick system is exclusive to Hortinno !

Hortinno Waterwick

  • Put your indoor azalea in a vase
    This will give it a contemporary look and you’ll have greater control over how much water you give the plant. Vases can also be used as part of a waterwick watering system.
  • Put the plant in a bowl or pot filled with sand
    If there is too much water, the water will filter downwards; if there is too little water, the vase will act as a reservoir.